Hello, I’m

Bromwyn Cotton.

I’m Senior UX/UI Designer living in Brooklyn. I enjoy working on the full life cycle of a digital product from ideation to completion. My many years of visual interactive design experience strengthens my work designing user interfaces with a focus on the user’s experience of a product.



For the past four years I have been the Lead Designer at PowerMyLearning.org. PowerMyLearning is a non-profit educational technology company whose mission is to use technology to give high quality learning experiences to all students.

As the lead designer, I create flows, prototypes, wireframes, visual designs, annotations and design specifications for features and enhancements on the learning platform- PowerMyLearning Connect. I am also responsible for the brand cohesion and UX/UI of all elements of the graphical user interface of PowerMyLearning.org.


iOS Mobile App – Bumble Math

This case study outlines the UX/UI work I’ve been doing for an iOS mobile app called Bumble Math. Included are examples of the user flow, branding exploration, wireframes and UI elements.