Hello, I’m Bromwyn Cotton, a User Interface and UX Designer living in Brooklyn. Having developed a strong foundation for years in visual design strengthens my work with UI. Learning to solve problems as a designer has contributed to my transition as a UI and UX specialist which ultimately benefits a user’s overall experience.

I enjoy working on the full life cycle of a digital product from ideation to completion.

I am currently involved in every step of the design process that leads to a successful interactive product. This includes idea generation, building site maps, creating wireframes, building interactive prototypes, designing the graphical user interface and then annotating and handing the files off to development.




For the past two years I have been the lead designer at PowerMyLearning is a non-profit educational technology company whose mission is to use technology to give high quality learning experiences to all students.

Last year I worked on designing and developing interactive features for our learning platform. This year I’ve been focused on rebranding the company and redesigning our website and marketing materials.

Assessment Reports for Teachers

This case study details a set of wireframes that I’m working on. The project involves redesigning teacher’s assessment reports so that they are easy to read and grade.



  • MTV stores
  • The College Board's Accuplacer website
  • Giggle Kids iPad app
  • Financial site design