Case Study: UX/UI design of Bumble Math iOS app


About the Project

This case study details the work I’ve done for a iOS mobile app called Bumble Math. I’ve been working on all stages of the UX/UI design including; research and concept, branding, user flows, wireframes, UI style guide and screens.

The goal of the app is to quickly help the user (a parent or student) solve a difficult math homework equation. The user flow is outlined below.

Simple User flow
  • Step 1 – Parent signs in
  • Step 2 – Parent uploads homework equation with the phone’s camera or keyboard equipped with Math characters
  • Step 3 – (phone loads results)
  • Step 4 – Parent reads description or chooses between video, resources, or similar equation to help them solve it
  • Step 5 – Parent can save item to bank and receive points for completion


Includes color palette, logo, logo mark and icon design



UI screens and elements