Case Study: UX/UI design of an Professional Learning Community web application


About the Project

This case study details the role I had in the design of this responsive web-app that lives within our new premium Educator accounts on the PowerMyLearning Connect platform. We had a tight 6 month timeframe to design and develop the first release of this product.

Project Goal

A Peer-to-Peer Professional Learning Web App

This web app was built as an interactive forum where educators can collaborate and contribute to professional learning within their school community.

From interviews with our in school coaches and learning specialists we found that they needed an easier way to track the professional development of the teachers they work with. They wanted to be able to create and complete learning goals. They also wanted a place where they could collaborate and communicate at all times. An interactive community would contribute to our business goals by supporting our coaches along with supporting our users by providing them with an in-school community forum for professional growth.

Support continuous learning and peer-to-peer collaboration with digital professional learning communities. Share classroom strategies and resources, collaborate on playlists, track progress on goals, and more.”

My Responsibilities

I worked in a collaborative role on some of the initial research and ideation process of ‘My Communities’. This included defining and refining key features, and taking part in user interviews and competitor research.

I created and iterated wireframes, prototypes, UI and interaction designs. I then created the final visual designs that were handed off to our developers. The design software tools I used were Sketch, Illustrator, InVision, Axure and Zeplin.


The design team on this project included a Senior Product Manager, a Business Analyst, a Freelance UX Designer, and a Senior UX/UI (me).

Sketches of Features and User Flows

There were many complex user flows and interactions that we needed to work out to simplify the teacher’s experience. We wanted educators to be able to post and assign playlists of professional learning activities to other teachers in their communities. They needed to be able to both preview them and complete the assessments in them. The assessments needed to be tracked so that the teachers who assigned them could access reports within the community.  

UI components

For this project, I  created a set of UI components and icons that was consistent with our existing platform.

Flows, wireframes to final GUI

These screens show the progression of my designs fro wireframes to final release GUI of a few of the product’s features.

Final Take-aways

We recently launched My Communities as a premium feature in our web app. I gained a lot of useful product design experience from working on this project with a few keys points being:

  • Initially define a full feature set in a way that it can be broken down into small chunks to prioritize development. This leads to a quick release of a MVP product.
  • Interview users throughout process and be flexible enough to redefine essential features. Markets and competitor offerings change rapidly in the EdTech space.