Case Study: Family Playlists 


About the Project

Family Playlists were created to actively involve parents in the learning process of their children, through a mobile application. The goal of this project was based on research from Johns Hopkins University that details the way academic success can be strongly influenced by the engagement of family partners.

With Family Playlists, students are able to start interactive learning projects in school and then go home to engage and discuss their projects with their parents. The family members are then able to send feedback to the teacher through their mobile phone. The teacher can then view actionable data based on the assessments and feedback in a report on their desktop computer.

Family Playlists have multi-language support and are available on mobile devices for homes that may not have a computer in them.


I was the lead Senior UX and UI designer on the small team who designed this project. I designed the UI of the responsive desktop application as well as the mobile experience for educators, students, and parents. I’ve been reiterating and updating the designs based on feedback from the families and teachers using this product in schools.

School administrators were amazed that 91% of families participated in the activities —more than triple the engagement rate that they usually see.