Case Study: Health Coverage Selection App 


About the Project

This was a personal design challenge that aimed to simplify the health care insurance selection process for NY state in a mobile app.

Problem Definition & Goal

The process of choosing the correct Healthcare plan online is complex and can be hard to understand. Choosing the wrong plan can result in costly financial consequences. This app was designed to simplify the health insurance plan selection process based on the existing structure of NY healthcare exchange website.


The average age of users of the app would be 35, half of them would be married and on average a family using the program would be composed of 2.6 individuals. One in four of the enrollees speaks a language other than English in the home. Median income among Exchange enrollees is $23,994 individual/$48,528 family of four in 2007.

A key differentiator of this group was that a large percent of them needed access to the application in languages other than English.

Heuristic Review

My process began with a heuristic review of the current selection process on the NY State of Health website. I found many pain points in the process which I tried to address in this new design.

A few of these issues that found were that health care plans are categorized by in an industry-wide metal tier system that can be difficult to figure out. One of my first priorities was to clarify the meanings of these tiers with a UI system to help determine which level a user needs. I wanted to reveal the required input fields in successive steps while eliminating as much copy as possible. I also thought that easy access to persistent filters would enable users to easily edit their choices. There were other ways I found I could improve the users experienced in the user interface which are detailed below.

Wires & Flows

The next step in my design process was to sketch and then create a flow of mobile wireframes using Google’s material design system. I wanted to make it very clear what information was needed to insure outcome in search results.

Solutions in the UI

A few of the ways in which I tried to eliminate the pain points in the current experience are listed below.



Users who speak English as a second language have a difficult time navigating the health care selection process. I moved the language choice step to the beginning of the flow so that ESL speakers would be accommodated.



I thought it would be helpful to include persistent and prominent help access across the app. I also want to include a glossary that could quickly explain complicated health care terms that are often misunderstood. From the glossary, users could access video on specific terms so that they fully understand which section to make. A prominent phone number should also be available for users to call with additional questions.

Care needs4

Metal Tier System

I chose to redesign the selection UI of the metal tiers classification system so that it is easier to anticipate medical care costs with less room for error.

Financial calculator

Cost Calculator

Having a persistent cost calculator easily accessible at all stages of input process seems to be a valuable addition. This would help ensure that users don’t end up overpaying for their choice.

Final GUI

This healthcare selection app was designed to accompany the current the NY State of Health website. I needed to make sure that it’s design would integrate well with the look and feel of the existing site. I pulled the existing color palette from the current site and chose monoline icons that would work well with the current NY State logo.


The presentation of the app was well received by the team. Since this was a personal project, the app won’t be developed but I feel I found viable quality solutions to real pain points in the design process.